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V Gold cash for gold is the best rate marked jewelry in Chennai. We are servicing our customer from many places such as Trichy, Madurai and in Chennai. We evolved this gold business for people’s beneficial purpose. Our gold Chennai 2017 by Mr. R. Sivakumar. Our destination is to build a trustful bounding with our customer and their satisfaction.

V Gold is fully and highly securable and most trusted one for you. We value your courteous savings and thereby we provide you the best and the perfectional amount to you. V Gold cash is almost having 19 years of experience in the customer’s side and fulfilling their needs and demands by redeeming their jewelry from the bank and then we sell the jewels according to the market price, and the amount will be paid to the bank and the rest of the amount will be given to you.

V Gold is the professional and the executable gold jewelry buyers and sellers. We do our business in a legal way with a genuine team work to fulfill our customer’s needs and desire. V gold cash values our customer’s dreams and they fix their gold with a accuracy and a reasonable price. Many places who does not wills to give instant cash for the gold but ours is more genuine that once you come to know about us you feel greetings to have your bounding with us. Your old jewels rather it is a 18 carat, 22 carat, 24 carat or it is 916 jewel, you don’t get afraid to sell with us, we take any old jewelry and sell for today’s market price. Our V Gold cash having great deal with International customers so that you can even purchase the International jewels.

Hope our customer will have a quality jewel to buy from them. Most of the people make a choice of selling gold to cash rather than pawning in banks and paying some interest rates. Moreover NBFCs & pawnbrokers charge 16% to 36% for the given gold loan for keeping gold as collateral. Sometimes pawnbrokers may take advantage by offering the consumers valuable gold jewelry. The best resources and the maximum cash the customer deserves for the gold they trade is only provided in V Gold cash company.

Have a pleasant day with our business deals. You may call us to the number +91 9444149444 or you can mail us to have any more doubts and queries, mail to vgoldcashforgold@gmail.com.

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